Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Once I purchase this book how is it sent to me?

    Get organized-get happy The Simple Guide to Declutter and Organize your Home Head and Heart is an e-book. Once you purchase it you will receive a link in your e-mail. Once you click on this link you can read it on your computer, I-pad, I-phone. If you have a printer you can print it out.

  2. What makes your book different and unique?

    This book is written with getting clutterfree results in mind. On almost every page is a new idea to change your perspective or take action.It really is about decluttering from the inside out. Changing your perspective on stuff so you live a little lighter

  3. Why doyou separate decluttering from organizing?

    I have separated the skills to declutter from the skills of organizing. To me they have different intentions and goals. To mix them up often means you just put everything right back and are left confused.Decluttering is about letting go of what you don’t want. I have also discovered a very specific technique which lets you declutter quickly and confidently.

    Organizing is focusing on what you keep, not what you are letting go. A big difference.

  4. Will this book help me if I am moving or renovating.

    Absolutely. Giving your home a really good declutter saves hundreds of dollars on your moving costs plus saves you time packing. It will save money on storage costs when you are renovating and who wants to move old junk back into a beautiful renovated home.

  5. Why should I buy your book?

    I’ll happily give you four reasons.Well, I give you a 100% guarantee. If you are not happy within 60 days I will refund you no questions asked and I am happy for you to keep the material.

    Using the tips and strategies in the book will save you thousands of dollars because you won’t be buying things like you used to.

    I also encourage you to try selling your clutter at a garage sale, or on e-bay. You definitely will make much more back.

    It is the only decluttering and organizing book you will ever need to really clear out the mental and physical junk in your life.